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1998 - 2013
Freelance journalist
Editor: Commercial Property Register (regional property magazines)
Contributor: EuroProperty Meridian Line International Property Editor The City
1992 - 1998
Property editor, European
1991 - 1992
Founder and managing director, EuroProperty
1983 - 1991
Editorial director of RICS Journals, Builder Group Responsible for four magazines including Chartered Surveyors Weekly (now Property Week)
1979 - 1983
Freelance financial journalist Sunday Standard, Sunday Times
1973 - 1979
Co-owner Investors Review
Pre 1973
Financial journalist Daily Mail AP Dow Jones Daily Sketch (city editor) Financial Times

March 2020

Branson on Kent Surrey and Sussex March 2020 issue 60
Will local authorities in the towns of the south east arrest, and even reverse, the decline of their centres by providing new cultural facilities? That is the question faced by many councillors as well as retailers and landlords. At a time when a percentage of shoppers have chosen online retailing, there is a real challenge for local authorities to take the initiative in underpinning their centres’ activities.


Branson on Thames Valley February 2020 Issue 65
Having endured a lengthy period of slow growth, the mood has lightened considerably in the region with forecasts of increased activity and rising rents.

The positive signs are now well spread throughout the region, with several areas clearly making significant progress. Oxford is certainly one of those with the rapid expansion of the technology sector and record topping rental increases.

Here again the...

November 2019

Branson on Thames Valley November 2019 Issue 64
This is a trying time for the Thames Valley as the market in most locations, though not all, slows because of Brexit’s malign influence on confidence and the economy.

Towns like Bracknell have had a good run and now are pushing against shortages of prime buildings.

Others, such as Slough, have overcome the problems and are doing well.

Looming over the region is the prospect of the huge trans...

October 2019

Branson on South Coast Central October 2019 issue 40
While politics at the national level have been changed irrevocably by the decision of the Supreme Court, at the local level there are also substantial changes.

One result of the government’s ten year austerity campaign is that local councils have learnt to be more self-sufficient and commercial property has provided the resources to put this into operation.

It may well be that some councils will come u...

September 2019

Branson on Kent Surrey and Sussex October 2019 issue 59
More than anything it is the level of new development in the three counties that engenders confidence in the economic outlook.

That is because some of the schemes are helping to improve the urban landscape while others are bringing new industrial space across the region - essential for economic performance.

The regeneration of Teville Gate around the railway station in Worthing after years of debate an...


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